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SDL Digital Media Management allows you to manage and distribute multimedia Assets such as audio, video, images for display on various devices and for delivery to various channels such as the internet.

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SDL Digital Media Management enables organisations to UPLOAD, MANAGE, ASSEMBLE and then finally to DISTRIBUTE assets such as video, audio, image, or document (text).

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Content Delivery Network (CDN) powered delivery ensures fast global distribution of dynamically published content.

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SDL Digital Media Management Development teams are located in Amsterdam, Kiev and Bangalore. We believe and practice small highly skilled teams with close collaboration.

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Bringing people to your online channels is the first step. Engaging them with contextually relevant cross-channel experiences is the next. 

Video engages visitors by evoking emotion and creating a connection through the combination of words, voice, image, music and movement. 

SDL Digital Media Management enables you to manage, control, optimize and analyze the results of all your media assets – images, video and audio – both within your organization and also across all your distribution channels.

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