SDL Digital Media Management

SDL Digital Media Management allows you to manage and distribute multimedia Assets such as audio, video, images for display on various devices and for delivery to various channels such as the internet

What we do

Media Delivery is an architecture for delivering media stored in Media Manager to visitors in a distributed environment.

Delivery Manager

The Delivery Manager is responsible for putting Distributions online and taking them offline.

Storage Container

When you put a Distribution online, the Delivery Manager puts the Distribution XML (information about Distributions) in a storage container in the cloud along with the Players. The Distribution is then available for viewing. The Distribution XML is removed when the Delivery Manager takes a Distribution offline.

Delivery Points

Delivery Points are locations in the cloud for handling user requests for media based on proximity (geographic location). For high availability, faster response times, and to reduce latency, Delivery Points are located in Europe, Asia, and America. Delivery Points poll the storage (S3 bucket) and retrieve a copy of the Distribution XML files and Players.

Content Delivery Network

The Content Delivery Network (CDN) delivers media content to users based on proximity (geographic location). The content exists in multiple copies on strategically dispersed servers. When users add Assets (video, audio, images, and documents) to Media Manager, the media is encoded and transferred to the Content Delivery Network.

How we do it

Digital Media Management automatically delivers the right format to the right channel: websites, social media networks, email, technical documentation, smart phones, tablets, TV-circuit broadcasts and digital signage systems.


Digital Media Management is using the full stack from Web Site till database. The GUI is built using Web API, Java Script, CSS/LESS, HTML5, Type Script, jQuery, Knockout. The business layer is written in C# (.Net Framework 4.5 using async pattern) and using the Entity Framework for storage. Unit tests are written for both; the GUI (Jasmin, Karma) and the business layer (MS Test). 

The product is hosted in AWS and its Managed Services (SQS) are used for communication between different sections of Digital Media Manager. Installation is done by using AWS Cloud Formation scripts and Power Shell. We are in the process of converting classic ASP pages into modern technology. We use TFS Build for continues build and deployment.

Who we are

Great people write great software. Meet the team.


SDL Digital Media Management is not a startup. We have 10+ years of history behinds us, we've been through the growing pains, the sleepless nights and the feature race. Now we're a team that values and creates high quality software without cutting corners or accumulating technical debt. 

We don't believe in large teams - we believe in smaller groups of highly efficient people. If you happen to like such environment and would like to joins us, let's start the dialogue.

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