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SDL Knowledge Center drives knowledge sharingthrough xml standards combining them withmulti-dimensional tree and language-logic algorithmsresulting in on-premise and SaaS services.

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SDL Knowledge Center is the most sophisticated solution available for managing and publishing multilingual product content. It stores, organizes and manages all structured content in any language, so that it can be easily reused, shared, filtered and delivered to the appropriate channels.

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Predictable cloud-ready back end systems serving performant user-friendly web experiences in enterprise-ready web and database technologies.

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We have development labs near Brussels, Amsterdam and Kiev where you can join our dedicated teams working closely together with product management, customer support and professional services.

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With the power of structured content and SDL Knowledge Center, our customers can provide their audiences their own personalized documentation, based on their specified language, interests, and preferences. With open XML standards supported out of the box, all content is modularized and easily conditioned for your customer’s specific needs, ready to deliver a better self-service experience to support their customers. 

For this we use best of breed technology which ranges from a full web experience with contemporary technologies like JavaScript, Web API, .NET, xml, full-text-search and RDBMs to rich clients having tight editor integrations.

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