SDL Language Cloud

SDL Language Cloud is the place where you can come and get help with your translation tasks. Either if you need something translated for yourself or you want to actually do a translation.

What we do

We are building the SDL Language Cloud Platform

SDL Language Cloud Platform

Language Cloud is a SaaS platform developed by SDL that exposes as a service the best of our language capabilities and of the language expertise that made us leaders in the translation industry.

Language Cloud is a complete set of solutions that aids individuals, SMB and Enterprises go global faster. It features secure and high-quality automatic machine translation and adaptive machine translation, translation memories, terminology, tools for enabling a professional translator to improve her productivity, tools for enabling a casual translator to deliver faster a project, human translations offered in both a simple on/off approach or a complex project structure, complete workflows for the localization needs of a big enterprise and many others.

Join the Language Cloud team if you want to change the way companies are going global: make it easier and faster with a modern cloud translation platform.    

How we do it

We are building Language Capabilities as micro-services using a variety of technologies such as: Java, JavaScript, C#


Language Cloud development started two years ago as a SOA architecture and is in the process of migration to a microservice architecture. New capabilities are being built as microservices and existing capabilities are in the process of extraction as microservices.

We develop in Java, JavaScript and C#, but we are always open to any development language that might prove to be a fit for a certain capability. We are adopters of leading OSS cloud stacks like Netflix OSS and Spring Cloud for building resilient, fault tolerant and scalable products. Our developers believe in giving back to the community and are actively involved in the OSS projects through pull requests or technical discussions.

The microservices developed in Java are based on Spring Boot, therefore Spring is our preferred framework.The microservices are usually exposed through a REST API and are consumed through SDKs or by our own web applications which are usually built in PHP and ExtJS.Our engineers are familiar with multiple build and deploy pipelines. We implement Continuous Delivery by using tools like Maven, Jenkins, Selenium, Cucumber and JMetter, Pact, Nexus and deploying our services through Chef recipes on a hybrid cloud offered by NTT and Amazon AWS.

We do not build things from scratch, so a lot of third-parties like Redis, RabbitMQ, MongoDB, MySQL, payment providers, security providers and many others are leveraged by various services.

By offering our services as a service (SaaS) we make sure that concerns like security, performance, data segregation, scalability, partitioning, A/B testing, code coverage to a high degree, test automation are always clearly understood and applied to the right degree.

Who we are

Great people write great software. Meet the team.


The teams delivering Language Cloud are organized around DevOps and you build it you run it principles and are currently implementing recommendations from Scaled Agile Framework.

Language Cloud is currently delivered by five small cross-functional scrum team and one system team. The teams incorporate developers, testers, performance engineers and embedded Ops engineers which range in experience from interns and juniors that started working only a few months ago to middle and senior developers with over 10 years of experience.The turnover of the team is in general low and for the team generally welcomes product developers – people that are capable to contribute on requirements, challenge the product owner, defend the build-in quality and healthy development practices and continue to own the services once in production.

Some of our colleagues are also teaching at the university or are teaching programming in private schools. Some are actively involved in GitHub open source projects and many of them willingly volunteering for causes they believe in. That’s the spirit of our team.

We think we have good and healthy practices: we learn and prepare ourselves, we are provided with lots of training materials from SafariBooks, PluralSight, Udemy and any other learning provider we want. We know that estimations are not commitments and we even say no, sometimes multiple times when this is the right way to move on.

We take above the average days of vacation  and we are happy to work from home or from a coffee shop when we feel we are more productive than in the office.We don’t use great words that are just fluff and we do admit there are so many things we don’t know yet: that is why we always look for colleagues ready to pair with us, to challenge us, to make mistakes together with us, to travel with us in this journey.  

And we are not looking for colleagues because others are leavingJ, but because we grow!

Interested? Pay us a visit and see how much is stuff and how much is fluff.

Open positions

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