SDL Translation Tools

Translate faster and smarter with the best software tools in the world, built in our labs. Streamline and centralize the entire localization process, either using best practice solutions or having your own power tool to customize as needed

Take a deeper look at What we do

We build many products, from individual translator tools (desktop or online) to group collaboration and enterprise translation management.


Learn more about the Technology behind

There’s so much of it, we don’t know where to start. Our history brings us C++, .NET and Java applications as well as the current releases which puts new Web technologies instead of Silverlight or Applets. Passionate about UI? Our UX team is here to inspire. More of a backend person? Language processing is really special.

Find out about the team and how to Join

SDL Translation tools are built mostly in Cluj. We have colleagues in other cities also, in Italy, UK, Ireland, Germany, Czech republic etc.