SDL Translation Tools

such as: SDL Trados Studio, SDL GroupShare, SDL MultiTerm, SDL Passolo, SDL WorldServer, SDL TMS

What we do

We build many products, from individual translator tools (desktop or online) to group collaboration and enterprise translation management.

Enterprise Solutions

We help our customers transform manual, disparate translation processes into a centralized, fully administered program with SDL WorldServer or SDL Translation Management System (TMS). In doing so, they adopt a flexible enterprise-class translation management system that automates translation tasks and greatly reduces the costs of supporting large volumes of local language content.

We simplify and accelerate localization processes for any content - from websites to documents or software. Our enterprise solutions are designed to manage and streamline the localization supply chain, including project managers, language service providers (LSPs), freelance translators, linguistic reviewers, and subject matter experts. Thus, Enterprise teams can regain control of localization across their organization and work effectively with multiple external translation vendors - all with one central solution.

Translation Productivity

SDL Trados Studio is the latest generation of one of the most widely used Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) tools in the world. It contains many features which can increase translation productivity substantially. We strive to bring the latest innovations from the industry into our product, so stay tuned for our next release and you will be amazed by the new features!

SDL Studio GroupShare helps translation teams centralize their translation projects, share their work and collaborate better. With features like sharing project files, terminology and translation memories, translation teams can enjoy simultaneous collaboration on any project and, thus, work faster and smarter. Our users will also enjoy a new and modern interface starting with our next major release.

How we do it

There’s so much of it, we don’t know where to start. Our history brings us C++, .NET and Java applications as well as the current releases which puts new Web technologies instead of Silverlight or Applets


SDL WorldServer is an advanced translation management tool that can be used with Microsoft Windows or Red Hat Linux, as well as with Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle servers. SDL WorldServer is a challenge for .NET or JAVA developers and it can integrate with Content Management Systems (CMS) or other similar repositories through the WorldServer connectors, which can be extended via the SDK (Software Development Kit) framework or REST API. Our UI is currently going through a re-invent and re-build process using Knockout, which will allow us to build a more modern user interface. The server technology stack is going also through a technology stack upgrade and we will migrate to Java 8 and Spring framework 4.

SDL Translation Management System (TMS) is an Enterprise client-server-based application using .NET Framework, running on Microsoft Windows Server OS and Microsoft SQL Server databases.  It integrates with most of the SDL software family and has a growing REST API available to our customers. The UI is mostly ASP/ASP.MVC and also integrates modern technologies like React or Knockout. As TMS is ISO/IEC 27001:2005 certified, security and penetration testing are also at the heart of our testing strategy.

SDL Trados Studio is a desktop application built on .NET Framework. Our application uses mainly C# and some C++ code. For the UI, we used WinForms initially, but we have also started to use WPF and move towards a more modern look and feel with the help of our UX colleagues.  Our users can easily customize it based on their individual needs using the SDK (Software Development Kit) framework and various APIs that we are constantly improving, as we have a growing development community.

SDL Studio GroupShare is a server-based application with a Web interface also built using .NET Framework. Its Web UI is currently being re-invented and re-built from scratch using new Web frameworks such as ExtJS, which replace the old Silverlight implementation. We also have a powerful GroupShare REST API available to our customers.

Who we are

Great people write great software. Meet the team.


The team behind SDL Trados Studio and GroupShare is spread across multiple countries. Most of our development team is located in Cluj-Napoca (Romania), but we also have team members working from countries such as England, Germany, Belgium, or Italy. If you will join our team, you will enjoy a multicultural experience, so expect to use tools like Skype quite a lot to communicate with your remote colleagues.

Our team’s experience varies from senior team members who have been working on these projects for a great number of years to new colleagues that have just joined our team. We are quite a diverse team in terms of experience and knowledge, so we welcome skilled people that have a proactive mindset oriented towards collaboration, good development practices, and customer satisfaction. Feel free to contact us for details.

The SDL Enterprise team helps top brands from all around the world expand their target audience by producing personalized content in their customers’ language of choice, all whilst lowering translation and localization costs. What drives us forward is our ambition to deliver the best possible software and to keep our customers satisfied, so we are looking for passionate people with a similar mindset.

Open Positions

We are a dynamic and highly specialized team that looks to bring out the best in each member. Whether you are a seasoned professional or an up-and-coming student, you will find exciting challenges and friendly people to help you along the way. If you join us, you will have the opportunity to grow and develop your skills in one of the following areas: software development, software architecture, manual and automated testing, operational engineering or technical writing. Feel free to contact us for details.

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