SDL Web provides a Web Content Management Ecosystem to manage the entire digital information flow from Enterprises to the customer.

What we do

SDL Web provides a Web Content Management Ecosystem to manage the entire digital information flow from Enterprises to the customer.

Managing and controlling your content

Enterprises often face the challenge to create, reuse, control, and expose content that needs to go out to numerous digital channels like Websites and Mobile. How do you make sure that an author is able to effectively create reviewed and translated content for both the .com site as well as the individual country sites? How can reuse be promoted and confidential information be exposed to just the right departments? This is where SDL Web’s Content Management comes in with concepts like BluePrintingTM enabling our customers to set up a full blown inheritance structure in the system. Our Experience Manager allows the authors to edit the content in context in a WYSIWYG editor.

Publishing to a state-of-art publishing system

Our Content Delivery platform focuses on creating a solid foundation for our customers to build web applications on and introduces the power of SDL solutions to web application developers using the tools of their choice. It provides a standard for creating and sharing content-related Web application functionality and widgets to optimize and accelerate the delivery of SDL Web-driven sites with rich user experiences. 

Our delivery software, running at customer locations or in the cloud serving many millions of page views per day, scaled to hundreds of servers. So you can imagine the technological challenges we face in order to provide a truly scalable (cloud) architecture that not only does what our customers want, but does it elegantly and outperforming any competition.

The ecosystem

Besides our capability to Manage and Publish content, the SDL Web ecosystem contains translation and targeting possibilities right from the heart of the system. The extendable architecture allows our partners and customers to create integrations, automation and act on events. A great example of such an Add-on is SmartTarget, this system allows our customers to tailor the experience to the end user at the time of delivery. Next to that it offers marketers the possibility to run variant analysis to test what content works best (A/B testing). Of course these are just examples of the endless possibilities this ecosystem offers.

How we do it

Agile teams build software to deliver content to thousands of websites

Designed for the Enterprise

As our software is used in critical business processes, it is designed to handle large workloads, be scalable and secure. That are numerous integration endpoints to facilitate integration with third party products and services or other SDL products. Think of solutions like machine translations or eCommerce optimizations, to ease the journey of website visitors to find relevant information, product or service.

Team work

Eight teams follow an agile development process to deliver to the various subsystems in the Web Content Management ecosystem. This includes technical functionality such as APIs and cloud deployment automation. A large amount of the capabilities are exposed in several web applications such as our rich in-context content editor called Experience Manager. We continuously ensure we deliver high quality software, which we achieve through a vast set of test automation scripts and close collaboration between teams.


Our web applications serve business users such as Authors and Editors of content. Web services (OData, REST) provide the functionality to the technical community for automation or for exposing the content in our customers' websites. Teams are specialized in various technologies, including C# .NET, Java, Scala, Spring MVC, XML, HTML5, JQuery, Chef, Ruby, to name just a few.

Who we are

Great people write great software. Meet the team.

Company culture

The people making it all happen - our DevOps team within the SDL Web space - are organized in many small highly skilled Scrum teams with members in Amsterdam and Kiev. 

With over 15 years of history behinds us, we've been through the growing pains, the sleepless nights and the feature race. Now we're a team that values and creates high quality software without cutting corners or accumulating technical debt. Of course we still have plenty of room for trying new things, promoting the "fail fast and fail often" - principles in proof of concepts as well as research projects. 

This has allowed us to be recognized as an industry leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant over and over again! 

We believe in small agile teams with highly skilled people that can own the backlog. If you happen to like such environment and would like to joins us, let's start the dialogue!

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